William Rainey is much more than a photographer. He is a force of the very nature he admires so greatly. He's an explorer, an adventurer, a mountain climber, a sailor, a fisherman, and ultimately the consummate outdoorsman. His passion for nature and all of its components has allowed him to stretch his limitations, to search out and capture the most rapturous and elegant elements of the outdoors at the most precious of moments, and all of this can be found in his work. Rainey says of his passion for photography, "It allows me to capture the natural beauty of nature and share it with others."

William Rainey has spent 27 years perfecting his eye and unique style in photography and is always looking for the next elusive “perfect shot.”

His skill and his relentless nature to capture the most dramatic and captivating has grown by leaps and bounds, winning him a collection of impressive awards.
He’s been honored with the oppurtunity to work with Arkansas’s beautiful State Parks, as well with the State of Arkansas itself, in published books and hanging displays, some of them gracing the walls at Queen Wilhelmina State Park, and other businesses throughtout Arkansas.

His work has earned awards in shows sponsored by the Caddo River Art Guild of Arkadelphia, the Cossatot River Arts and Crafts Association at King Arkansas, and many of the shows at Mena Art Gallery. Rainey's images have appeared in the 2010 issues of Capture Arkansas, as well as images in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Publications also include the National Park Service, Backpackers Magazine, Arkansas Life, Eat and Explore Arkansas, as well as many brochures, phonebook covers, State of Arkansas publications, and many online magazines.

Rainey's work is on display in Mena at the Chopping Block Steakhouse and Rainey Day Resort B and B which is owned by him and his wife, Sherri. The Queen Wilhelmina State Park and the Talihina Visitor Center in Oklahoma also has a collection of Rainey's photographs for public viewing.

One of the things that he would like to spend more time on would be working with youths through schools and other organazitions, teaching them the importance of getting out into nature and experiencing this great state for themselves.

Rainey offers private instruction for photographers as well as guided day trips to scenic spots in the Ouachita Mountains surrounding Mena and the Buffalo River area of northern Arkansas. He also enjoys sharing his photographs through slide show presentations to groups throughout Arkansas. You can view his photographs and learn how to sign up for private instruction at www.buffaloriverphotos.com.




OR william@menachoppingblock.com
CONTACT: 479-234-1273 OR 479-234-9900
Buffalo River in Autumn - Buffalo National River - Ponca, Arkansas - Oct 2014

Buffalo River in Autumn - Buffalo National River - Ponca, Arkansas - Oct 2014

The Prince of Boxley Valley was about to bugle with his head tilted up and his back haunches down and shimmering Fall color in the background what a site to behold.

Fall on the Buffalo National River - Ponca, Arkansas - Fall 2014

Fall on the Buffalo National River - Ponca, Arkansas - Fall 2014

Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.
-John Muir

Hope (West Texas) by Doug Smith